Halloween med Helena - bordsdekoration


Helena has now transformed her previous table decoration for Halloween. Have a look at her plans, thoughts and end result for Halloween.

I enjoy using skeletons, spiders, and pumpkins as decorations for Halloween. It conveys a sinister and unsettling feeling. When it comes to Halloween, I want to keep the design as simple and uncluttered as I can.

It's a lot of fun to decorate with skeletons. especially those of animals (fake of course). I have seen a lot of them lately, they are popular. I invested in a cat, some birds, a bat, and large spiders. These will last through numerous Halloween celebrations.

The pumpkins were found at our neighborhood store in Höllviken, Slättviksgård. I enjoy visiting him every year because it is truly a memorable experience. The entire barn is crammed with pumpkins of all sizes, shapes, and colors. I can spend a long time there just enjoying it and leave with far more than I can carry. He has ornamental corn, which is awesome. A find that is worthwhile. The ornamental corn comes in an array of colours, including yellow, orange, red, purple and occasionally even completely black. It’s also cool that they dry and maintain their appearance year after year. I have corn hanging from the ceiling in my workshop. It has been five years, and it still looks the same. If you're lucky, he's also grown 10-cm-long miniature ornamental corn. If you ever come across these, I highly recommend buying it!


In this table decoration I recycled an old baking tray that I had previously used for an autumnal table decoration. The elongated shape of the baking tray complements our looong garden table, and its worn surface is ideal for Halloween. Why change something that does its job?

I placed the light string Bliss at the bottom of the tray. This one is all jumbled up so it resembles an oval birds nest made out of cables. I use this "birds nest" as a support to stick the stems into. I use heather as a “base plant” here. Heather can often be found in nice warm colours and if you don't have them at home you can find them in the forest or for a reasonable price in a plant shop. The heather doesn't need any water, it will still stand nicely regardless. It also has the benefit of covering a lot of space while remaining sparse enough to let the lighting at the bottom shine through.

Tip: If your table has a hole in the center for an umbrella, you can let the cables pass through there to conceal them.

I can start placing pumpkins and skeletons now that the entire tray is covered in heather. In addition to a few skulls, two spiders, a crow, a hand, and some bones, I also used three slightly larger pumpkins. Finally, I added cobwebs to complete the ornament. Nothing challenging and it will stay for several weeks.

The quantity of leaves in our garden is a strong sign that autumn has arrived. Why not make a decoration out of some of them? They are free, plentiful, and give the design a lovely pop of colour.

On both short-ends of the tray I laid the yellowed birch leaves. This gives the table decoration a beautiful expansion. You can still utilize leaves if the table is square or circular rather than elongated like it is here, but feel free to pull out a few additional veneers, preferably an odd number like three or five.

I've strung three Apollo lamps together over the table. The lamps have little rubber bats connected to them. A cute little feature that highlights the décor from above.

This is the result!

I have to say that I'm really happy with this simple spooky table decoration, and if the leaves blow away, it's just a matter of getting new ones from the ground!

Hope you got some inspiration and love Halloween as much as I do!