Create a creepy but incredibly stylish entrance for Halloween. Use Helena's decorating advice to create a frightful yet welcoming scene for kids and adults!

Decorating the entrance for Halloween has been so much fun! I've chosen a décor that is straightforward in its design yet welcoming and spooky at the same time!

I made a ground cover of autumn leaves in the garden like the prior table decoration (see blog Halloween with Helena – table decorations). The leaves around the decoration create a soft and unifying sensation while adding colour and warmth. A little bonus is that they are simple to find this time of year.

I've scattered a variety of Halloween decorations among the leaves:

Lanterns — in this instance, I've chosen Faro, a portable rechargeable lamp. Two sizes are available. To give the decoration some dynamic, I've chosen to use both of them. I put four skulls in the smallest lantern. I've cobwebbed the light to create an impression and to hold the skulls in place. I tied small black spiders to the cobweb. I also glued moss to the lantern's top and let it hang down the sides. There is a gigantic skeleton spider on top. The outcome, in my opinion, is rather scary!

I also decorated the large lantern in a similar manner. A skeleton bird replaces the skulls, and a skeleton bat completes the design at the top.

Flying ghost — I used Stone in this case. I sealed a clear plastic bag with a knot and placed the lamp inside. Create a tiny hole at the bottom of the bag so the cord can hang out. I reused an old sheet that I had torn to the right length to serve as a ghost clothing. A fishing line or other invisible thread is tied around the bag's knot, which can be felt through the sheet in the centre of the ghost's head, and hung over the bag with the lamp. The ghost can then be hanging from the ceiling.

Skulls — I've cut a hole under the skull's mouth to allow lighting to enter the cranium. Ice that I had previously used for the autumnal décor has been reused; see the blog Autumn inspired stair decorations.

Witch hat — making your own is a little tricky, but fun. I made the talking Hogwarts sorting hat, and we made it for my daughter's Harry Potter birthday party. Of course, any hat suitable for a witch is fine.

Witches' brooms — For the broom sticks, I used large branches. I have gathered old twigs that have fallen from the birch over the year to use as the brush. Gather a tiny bouquet and tie it together with a string.

I've also added a vintage lamp (from the previous décor), pumpkins, decorative corn, and various skeletons. The skeleton cat is delightfully terrifying!

I've also used a lamp with a color-changing feature called Arcus. I set it to purple because I think it fits well with the vibe that I’m trying to create. 

As a finishing touch, I have connected Stream (or was it "Scream"?) – a powerful outdoor speaker. Here, I can play eerie music or let horrifying screams echo through the night.

How far do you dare to go with your Halloween decorations?