Höstpiff på trappan

Autumn inspired stair decorations

Check out when Helena improves the entrance, now that it's autumn and cozy outside!

I tend to focus more on the garden, which is unfortunate because the front of the house is what people see first. But now I am committed to fixing that as well. I have created a simple autumn decoration at our entrance.

I have collected some old stuff that’s been laying around the house and combined it with plants that give that lovely autumn feeling.

Wooden boxes and glass bottles fits the autumn atmosphere we’re trying to achieve. You can find wooden boxes at flea markets or maybe ask your local famer. I used five boxes that I stacked a little differently - some on top, one on its side and one standing upright with pine cones in it. You can design it however you want. Adapt to the surface you have available and decorate accordingly. Try different options until you find the perfect look!

Mahonia, rowan berries, and heather were used as decorations on the boxes before I added pumpkins and rhubarb leaves from my own ceramics workshop “Lilla makeriet”, on the top to secure the plants. Of course, you can purchase real pumpkins as well. My hometown of Höllviken has a pumpkin farmer who owns a store with a sizable selection. He starts selling various types of pumpkins shortly after his corn has been picked. The entire barn is filled; a worthwhile stop to visit. Perhaps you have something similar near you.

The box that stood upright looked a little empty, so I added a little ivy to get a better balance. Ivy was also used to connect the ornaments and give them a softer appearance. Ivy tears are transferred from one box to another. It brings everything together and produces a beautiful result that brings all small pieces together.

I filled the box that stood on its short end with the old glass bottles which I stacked on top of each other. In order to have an effect in the evening, I have used the light string Ice. This worked great as each "icicle" is as if made to be stuffed into a bottle. I filled every other bottle with Ice string lights. Wait until they light up and you'll see!

The remaining light string has been spread out among the other boxes.

The tall grass is placed in a pot. The grass stands out in the decoration and contributes to a balance with the stacked wooden boxes. In the same way, I have placed the other plants in the corner.

I have filled the wooden bowl, which is an old find from “Indiska”, with the cones and berries that were left over - rowan, alcot cones, mahonia and oxel.

Finally, I took an old candle lantern, which I found at a flea market, and filled it with the Ice string light. A fun effect that adds the finishing touch.

Now all you have to do is wait for dusk and the magic will happen! And welcome home!

Good luck!