Vad kostar det att ha lamporna tända?

How much does it cost to have the lights on?

We live in uncertain times and now, more than ever, we want to keep track of our costs. Should you save money where you feel it has an impact? Or maybe this is just the place to do so. Read our blog regarding how you should think when it comes to your garden lights.


Dina lampor kostar dig kronor i månaden

We are heading towards darker times, and while it may feel unsafe, we don’t think this should reflect on your backyard (except for Halloween, of course). We have made a calculator to help those who already have our system and want a better oversight, but also for those who have halogen lamps and is thinking of switching to LED.

We should all be mindful of our electricity usage right now. There are numerous reasons for examining electricity consumption. Occasionally, the price peaks and it can get very expensive. If we were to use more electricity than what is produced, we risk capacity shortages in the electricity grid (especially during the winter).

A small portion of the total electricity used is for your lighting. Together, cooling, washing, lighting, vacuuming, etc. make up an estimated 4.5% of all electricity used. 75% of it is made up of heat and hot water.

Source: Vattenfall

Of course, it pays to check everything at home, but bear in mind that major changes are what matter most, like turning the water off after you've soaped up and taking a slightly colder shower. When you are not at home, you can also lower the temperature on the elements by a few degrees.

In light of this, the cost of your outdoor lighting is very minimal, especially if it is an LED system, which LightsOn Garden naturally is. Outdoor lighting creates comfort, well-being, and security during the gloomy winter months. If you do not want to turn off your lights but still want to cut down on your energy use, you can set a timer or relay to control how long the lighting should be on for. Dimmers can also be used.

Try our calculator and see how much your lighting costs / will cost. You can also use it with other devices that you have at home!

We hope that this can point you in the right direction!