Converter old to new system, new female

Converter old to new system, new female

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The EU standard for 12V connectors was changed in 2018. If you have an old LightsOn system and want to complement, you will need a converter between old and new. Use this cable (approx. 15cm) which has an old male and a new female if, for example, you want to use an old transformer to new cables or want to connect new lamps to old cables.


A 0.5 meter long cable that you can easily connect your lamp, more cables or splitter cables to. 

Garden Plug & Play by LightsOn A flexible 12-volt lighting system for your garden. Easy to install and easy to extend (max 50m) to reach all parts of your garden. Designed in Sweden for the tough Nordic climate, all components are made of durable and weather proof materials, guaranteeing a long maintenance free life.

Don't forget the transformer. Choose a transformer that suits the total wattage of all your lamps. For optimal life we we commend that you load your transformer with no more than 85% of the max capacity.

Keep it simple! Add a photo cell that automatically turn the lights on in the evening and off again at dawn.