Höstpiff på trappan

Autumn inspired stair decorations

Check out when Helena improves the entrance, now that it's autumn and cozy outside!
Skapa en fantastisk entré - Välkommen in till Sofia

Welcome home to Sofia

The entrance is an important part of our home. This is where we long to go and this is where we welcome our visitors. We visit the home of Sofia, our"fix"blogger, and see how she has thought and done with her entrance to the house.
Vad kostar det att ha lamporna tända?
Vi förklarar

How much does it cost to have the lights on?

We live in uncertain times and now, more than ever, we want to keep track of our costs. Should you save money where you feel it has an impact? Or maybe this is just the place to do so. Read our blog regarding how you should think when it comes to your garden lights.
Glimrande höstvackert på borden

Autumn inspired table decorations

Helena Brahe, decorator and ceramicist, looks for treasures in nature and in the garden to create two beautiful decorations for the patio.
Effektfullt med grupperad ljussättning

Create an effect with coordinated lighting

Group your lights for a decorative result
Redskapsbod bonus – Experiment med en vanlig fasadlampa

Garden shed bonus - Experiments with a wall light

Sofia is now finished with the tool shed and provides a little bonus blog on modifying a standard facade lamp so that it can be plugged into LightsOns system.
Redskapsbod del 3 – Slutförande och klart!

Garden shed part 3 - Completion!

Follow Sofia in three parts as she puts light in a newly constructed garden shed. Time to connect it all, put things back in order and see the final result (part 3 of 3).
Lumen, spridning, volt och watt
Vi förklarar

Lumen, beam angle, volt & watt

What lumen, beam angle, volt and watt means to you when you are getting started on your garden lighting project.
Redskapsbod del 2 – fasadbelysning

Garden shed part 2 - facade lighting

Follow Sofia in three parts as she puts light in a newly constructed garden shed. She has now reach the outside of the shed and will install facade lighting on the wall (part 2 of 3).

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